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The Tech-Talks provide a platform to discuss projects that have the potential to improve digital infrastructures and cloud services, as well as the use cases that rely on these infrastructures and services.
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The next GC Tech-Talk takes place on 30 June, 2022, 2 - 3pm (CEST).

Speakers on 30 June, 2022

Kurt Garloff, CTO | Sovereign Cloud Stack

„Simplify operations of sovereign cloud/container stacks with SCS" 

Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS) is one of the two foundation projects for  Gaia-X that has received funding from BMWK (German Ministry for  Economic Affairs and Climate Action). Together with GXFS (Gaia-X  Federation Services, the other one) a rather complete, modular and open  source tool kit is provided that makes delivering and operating a Gaia-X  conformant federated platform a lot easier.

This presentation  will use the comprehensive view of digital sovereignty to motivate the  vision and philosophy behind SCS and introduce the standards and  technologies as well as the operational practices that support this  goal.

Martin Voigt, CEO | elevait

„Towards Sustainable AI for the Public Sector“

The public sector is facing several major challenges as a result of current disruptive trends. Three major ones are: digitization of processes, staff shortages, and the need to digitize and port business applications to the cloud. Digitizing and automating processes using artificial intelligence (AI) would help address the challenges incrementally. AI must be made available to the public sector at an economically justifiable cost, while retaining data sovereignty. This requires the creation of extensible and configurable AI products. Here, the providers of expert IT themselves must be enabled to customize and configure these AI products without AI knowledge and minimal programming effort and to operate them securely in the cloud with a provider based in the EU. This is where elevait comes in. In the presentation, exemplary use cases, technical requirements and task packages will be outlined and discussed.

What other topics to expect in the Tech-Talks?

Concepts, technologies or prototypical implementations 
that improve the sustainability 
of cloud infrastructures 
and services
Concepts or technologies
to achieve interoperability, security, scalability and openness of cloud services 
in Multi-Cloud settings
Initial implementation and prototypes of the concepts 
that are being jointly
developed in communities 
such as Gaia-X
Use cases that rely on Cloud services and determine 
the requirements that the next generation Cloud technologies must fulfill.




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30 June, 2022

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The Tech-Talks are open to everyone. Thus, all speakers should use discretion regarding the disclosure of confidential information.

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The story behind the GC Tech-Talks

In the summer of 2021, 28 partners joined forces to submit a project proposal to the call for expressions of interest for the IPCEI-CIS (Important Project of Common European Interest on Cloud Infrastructure and Services).

The proposal was submitted under the name GREEN-CIS (General Purpose Resilient and Secure Energy Efficient Computing Infrastructure Network) and focused on developing and building a virtual, sustainable Cloud-Edge system for Europe, based on a decentralized, multi-provider open-source ecosystem that can operate as a seamless unit.

Not all partners made it through the pre-selection process, but they still share the vision of an open, sustainable future of the Cloud infrastructure and services.

The GC Tech-Talks were devised as an open community to continue driving this vision forward and to lay the grounds for an innovative and collaborative ecosystem for joint projects.
About Cloud&Heat: 
Cloud&Heat Technologies GmbH designs, builds and operates sustainable Cloud and data center solutions leveraging open source software. The company is both a Cloud provider and a key partner to support other organizations in developing and operating their own infrastructures. For more details visit the company's homepage.